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Safety Tips - Vacation Security

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Home Security During Vacation

  1. Arrange for a friend or neighbor to bring in mail, milk, and newspapers, or cancel deliveries.
  2. Arrange to have your dog fed, watered, and walked at home rather then a kennel.
  3. If you normally keep a second car in your garage, do so, or arrange to have it moved occasionally, in your absence.
  4. Arrange to have your lawn cut, or snow shoveled, as required during your absence.
  5. Lock fence gates, preferably at night time only, during your absence.
  6. Arrange for garbage and trash to be put out for pick-up as usual.
  7. Arrange for secure storage of furs, jewelry, and other valuables outside the home while your away.
  8. Pay bills which will be due in your absence, and arrange for the payment of others which may arrive while you are gone.
  9. Have your alarm system checked prior to your departure.
  10. Leave shades and drapes in the positions that they would be normally if you were home. Arranging if possible to have them raised or lowered while your gone.
  11. Set thermostats, or utilize timers, for air conditioner operation that fits the weather conditions.
  12. If you don't have a generous neighbor, use a qualified and trustworthy house sitter in your absence.
  13. Avoid before the fact publicity about your trip.
  14. Leave an itinerary with someone, so that you can be notified in case of an emergency.
  15. Consider use of a neighborhood patrol service during your absence.
  16. Notify police of your absence, providing them with the names of house-sitters, neighbors, who will be assisting, or others who have possession of keys to your home.
  17. Don't pack your car the night before departure, and pack it quickly in the morning.
  18. Last thing before departure, check to see that all doors & windows are locked.

Vacations & Business Trip Security

  1. Utilize travelers checks or credit cards, rather then carry cash.
  2. Be familiar with exchange rates and physical appearance of any foreign currencies you are likely to encounter.
  3. Pre-plan for any language barriers. Try to know some of the language commonly spoken wherever you're travleing.
  4. Learn to recognize the uniforms of local law officers.
  5. Attempt to dress inconspicuously.
  6. Avoid meeting strangers in unknown, isolated places.
  7. Don't depend on the door of your hotel room to protect you and your valuables, whether you're in the room or not. For extra protection use a chair, a drawer, a rubber wedge, or a portable travel lock.
  8. In an auto, use your trunk to carry luggage.
  9. Bring all your luggage into the hotel room with you at night.
  10. Use AAA, Travel agencies, or other reliable sources for information about where you're going, and what you should do, or avoid, while there.
  11. Exercise caution when shopping, since you probably won't have the conveniences of charge accounts, check cashing, or package delivery that you might have at home. Carry the most valuable package nearest your body.
  12. Lock your luggage and don't over-pack it when using public transportation.
  13. Guard your transportation tickets.
  14. Store luggage in coin-operated locker during a lay-over.
  15. Use only sky caps or other baggage handing personal assistance with your luggage.
  16. Determine taxi fares before you use taxi service.
  17. Lock camper or motor home doors, even while driving.
  18. Notify rangers, park police, or nearby campers of your location.
  19. Use your auto horn as an emergency alarm.
  20. Be specially dubious of unwarranted attentions or offers of friendship from strangers in resort areas.
  21. Take precautions against pickpockets in a crowd.
  22. Go sightseeing in a group of your own choosing, and be cautious of the source of the recommendations of places to see and things to do.