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Safety Tips - Telephone Security

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  1. Do NOT reveal personal information to strangers who phone you especially about when you will be away from home.
  2. Impress on children the importance of not revealing such information to callers.
  3. A caller who hangs up without speaking may be attempting to determine whether the house is occupied. Use each such call as a reminder to check your security measures.
  4. NEVER assume that a caller who phones ahead for an appointment is legitimate. Double Check!
  5. Keep emergency numbers available at all telephones. If you are easily excited, have your address available as well.
  6. Consider a telephone answering service, or a telephone answering device.
  7. Never record precise information about when you will be away from home, or when you anticipate your returning, on an answering device, nor relay such information to an answering service.
  8. Never cancel your telephone service when on vacation or an extended trip.
  9. Report repeated nuisance or obscene telephone calls to the telephone company.
  10. DO NOT talk to or debate with, an obscene or nuisance caller.
  11. Beware of people who contact you by telephone, seeking information about you, your associates, or your neighbors. Call back to verify that you are talking to a person having legitimate reason for requiring such information.
  12. Assure yourself that any caller representing that your name has been given as a reference is legitimate before you reveal any information about yourself, your friends, or your neighbors.